Our Works

As a creative and marketing professional, I aim to bring the design and engineering process closely together–to visually communicate powerful messaging while understanding user behavior through quantitive and qualitative research and analysis. My focus is on creating experiences for the user at every step of the buyer's journey, while just as importantly taking business and brand needs into consideration.

Starting in 2016, I managed the corporate rebranding of  UTRS that included a new logo, website, social and digital presence. 

LabTech in Your Life was my introduction into the world of VR, producing an interactive virtual environment containing technology that has made the leap from lab to market.

Each year, our client delivers a full report on the organization’s events, activities and accomplishments to the President and Congress. This publication is complete with new products and services that were introduced throughout the year, technologies that were honored with awards in excellence and by law, a breakdown of financials.

Rebranding is always a fun and challenging project to take on. It’s so much more than a new logo. It’s about understanding an organization’s true mission, vision and goals and creating a brand that represents those factors. In the Federal Laboratory Consortium’s case, we did all of the above through content creation and cross-functional design.

What is Tech Transfer? is the question we were asked to answer in a short ~2 minute video. Technology transfer is a complex, sometimes dull topic that involves commercializing really cool technology developed in a lab and bringing it to market.

FLC Business is a comprehensive data store that houses federal technology, facilities, equipment and other resources that are accessible to the public through technology transfer agreements and partnerships.

About Me

Hi there. Thanks for visiting. My name is Denise Wainer. I am currently the Director of Marketing and Communications for Day & Zimmermann, an architectural and engineering firm in Philadelphia.

Previously, I spent 8+ years working at an engineering firm in New Jersey. Originally, I joined the team as an Art Director but transitioned to the Director of Communications in two short years. Prior to that, I had spent two years running my own design studio for start-ups, and small & local businesses. I was also an Art Director at the North American Publishing Company and a Senior Designer at a financial firm located in Phoenix, Arizona.

My focus is to understand, communicate, and execute upon user behavior through both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. I aim to bring the design and engineering process closely together, focusing on creating experiences for the user, while just as importantly taking business and brand needs into consideration from the start. 

I’ve had the opportunity to support many types of clients. It has allowed me to become well versed in several different mediums that ultimately tie together the complete marketing process. From print and web design, digital and social media marketing, and CRM management that introduced me to the world of marketing automation, lead generation, campaign analytics, tracking and reporting–I have a full circle understanding of the marketing concept.