FLC Business is a comprehensive data store that houses federal technology, facilities, equipment and other resources that are accessible to the public through technology transfer agreements and partnerships.

Let’s say that you are an entrepreneur or an inventor in need of a laboratory facility or perhaps access to expertise or equipment to help you bring your idea to fruition. That’s where the FLC Business database comes in handy. It’s a powerful search agent for all types of federal laboratory resources that are available to the public. Everything from unique laboratory machinery or testing equipment, funding programs to technologies that have already been researched and developed–all accessible to you. 

Our team was tasked with building this complex database. We managed the concepting, wireframing, and UX/UI design as well as the data warehousing and scraping of data from 300 federal agency and laboratory websites.

Currently there are almost 20,000 resources from over 300 laboratories across the country–all accessible in one database.