The FLC is a network of over 300 federal laboratories
that fosters best practice strategies for accelerating
technologies from out of the labs and into the marketplace.

This process is called Technology Transfer (T2).

Rebranding is an exciting venture–even when you need an executive board of 25 to share your vision.

When I signed on to support the FLC, their logo consisted of three bold letters embossed in Times New Roman.  There was nowhere to go but up! Our team had the opportunity to reinvent the organization, modernize it and define a clear mission. 

Today, the brand accurately reflects the scientific and technological R&D of its member labs. Aesthetically the logo has meaning; strategically, we provided clarity to the organization’s purpose and defined their objective into a simple statement: to Promote, Educate and Facilitate technology transfer. That is the core mission of the FLC.

Scroll through the images below to see the evolution of their change.