LabTech in Your Life is a virtual experience that reveals the everyday places and
spaces where you find and interact with federal technologies.

LabTech is an interactive environment where people can learn about technology transfer. Orange juice, GPS, even certain types of cheese–the research and development for these products was originally done at a federal lab and eventually commercialized into items you can find at your local Target. That process is called technology transfer.

An idea was born that we’d build a 360° interactive city that consisted of a home, a park, a public transportation hub and a hospital that showcased an array of successfully transferred technology. We branded the experience  ‘LabTech in Your Life’. As of today, the home portion of the project is complete and is available to view as a desktop experience or in virtual reality. 

Launch of the product included a full-scale digital marketing campaign with Instagram stories, Google display ads and videos. Future plans include portable kiosks for use in STEM organizations and a potential placement in Epcot.

Scroll through the page to learn about the concept, design and delivery process of LabTech @ Home.